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After you become healthy you don't even remember how many days you have been sick. Mistakes and exemptions and accidents or extraordinary happenings, cannot disprove the system. Shastras allow the Bhautika Brahmacharya, to be explored for few months or few weeks or even few days or few years. Understand. Physiology of the female releases the female component if there is no sex. The achalatva, immovable component of consciousness. 1496. For that you need to understand this. Maybe the quantity I broke but not within that time frame. Understand, it all boils down finally to the integrity to the source. I welcome all of you with My love and respects. How many of you understand this? Contribute and make money. I am not saying whole life you have be Sanyasi and I am not saying, whole life you don’t need to be Sanyasi. There were many, who relaxed in the state of Sadāshivatva and decided – “Enough, I am full, why unnecessarily bothering about anything else.” It is very few, decide to manifest the space and powers… to tell you the possibility. It is the - ROYAL PATH. Suddenly the broken mirror is healed, I should say, it’s almost like a replaced with a new mirror. It is not necessary...all beings achieved the state of, There were many, who relaxed in the state of. The cognitions you carry has lot of limitations. Murai Maaman Series || Kannala Paathakka Loosa Sutha Vitta Da Song || Araathi Songs || Love Status 1:05 | 80,803 views. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. I am not interested in teaching you any practice, no. Eh? Important! Without even knowing you are performing so much of actions. That is the way life is… if you decide to live. 102. I am tired and bored Swamiji.” Even about this start practicing manifesting powerful cognitions. Youngsters, kids are very systematically taught life negative concepts with the game. No. Consciousness has one quality of immovable, achalatva. During certain period of your life… please understand… when milk is becoming ghee, in that journey, during the period when milk is becoming curd, that period, nobody should touch it, it should not be moved; it should be just left. It is literally the pure reflection. 0 0. So, you can say, “Ohhh… people went by flight died and there is a great achiever who really walked and reached from London to Los Angeles. Now choices are over. They have amazing technical terms. There are a total of 6 songs in Murai Maaman. 13684. What is the powerful cognition you may want to have? 102. 66. 102. In Vedic tradition, God is embodiment of five action - Srishti, Stithi, Vinasha, Tirobhava, Anugraha – creation, maintenance, rejuvenation, and lord of delusion and liberation. I will not say it is a crime. Courageousness is health of consciousness. The quantity of the Oneness, oozing out in your bio-memory and muscle memory, is measured with the unit called Integrity. You exist as sun exists. Never take it for granted. Aushada is the herbal combination, combination of herbs, prana, cosmic force energies, ultimately the Shaktipada of Sadashiva, combination of all these is aushada. You see, because of this strategy I have these cars. You will get a good name." Look at what they're trying to divert you from. Manifesting powerful cognitions in every step of your life - whether it is about your wealth, health, relationships, energy, intelligence, anything you have in your life, manifesting powerful cognitions about it. If I get the Shastra Sammada by next year, I am looking at providing an opportunity for anybody, who wants to explore, at least for few months. Let me define what I mean by Consciousness. They are declaring – impossibility. Given the opportunity, what kind of powerful cognitions you want to manifest – pen them down. So even for atheists, I have to design a method to make it possible. 102. Website and Social Media: And it is spreading like epidemic, disease. Pen down, I'll teach you to have a breakthrough. You will start planning. In positive thinking there is always negative thinking, in Super-conscious breakthrough there is no negative Super-conscious breakthrough. At least certain period, when that milk is becoming curd, Sanyas is mandatory. That’s the only way you are going to save youngsters for the future. 34. Why these guys, so many modern so-called modern day Gurus even though they have a deep down desire to claim themself as Incarnation, they always try to claim Enlightened Master. You will just see and then jump to next other thought currents or something else. - No traffic, no problems, no signals, no ups and downs. Now, now I am defining. least for that certain period, where your cognition is cognizing Integrity and practicing Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. I ll upload pictures, songs, videos.. etc links upto i can do for you. Try!”, Listen. Shaktis are given as a gift to encourage you when you decide to manifest powerful cognitions. Disease is spreading all over the world. Listen very carefully. You will get a good name." like jumping from the 70th floor or drinking poison, all kinds of suicidal techniques. That is not freedom. Tapas transmutes the feeling violated, violence. If you are given choice you are diverted. 272. Teja means the light particle through which this whole Existence is spinned. Now I am….now I am going to define - Sanyas. Listen carefully. With integrity you will get what He reserved for you. But reflection in the unbroken mirror feeling it is sun is not wrong. He left the body. Surgery theaters are different, capacity to do surgery is different. Certain tempering process is done to the body by fire walking and piercing and these kind of technologies. Taking this kind of route that is not for Me, I'm very clear. Understand, our biggest problem is not going to be lack of resources. I am very clear, not only for our Sangha, even for all My devotees and disciples I want to tell you guys. Because even your doctor doesn't know! Biggest epidemic going on all over the world, spreading, I don’t know how many of you know, Blue Whales - biggest epidemic going on. And from monkey to man – conscious breakthrough. 748. But still nobody is able to break the record created by Vivekananda. Brigus…. He's beyond that. Because even your doctor doesn't know! Do not try to give your earlier interpretation. Understand, sometimes the stupid decisions you take out of cowardness also may be appreciated by others as a bold step. I am looking at some Shastra 48:04 Sammada, even if the Sanyas is allowed, only during that milk-curd period. From fish to monkey – physical and mental breakthrough; mind means ability to perceive more than body. . For practice choose another road. Even if your thought currents are switched off, your body is put to rest, you have ability to perceive your Existence. First of all, you can’t even understand it. That was his profession. I am taking the whole thing to the next level. The fools have not seen the best things life can give. Life is multiple, when you are in this life learn life is multiple. “No, no, no, Swamiji has said, I am already a Sanyasi.”  Yes, so ‘technically’ you can walk from London to Los Angeles. The more the mirror is healed, the more the reflection becomes pure. And the people who are established in spiritual umbilical cord connection with Me, I have put them in such remote, different, different corners of the world, you can’t hunt and destroy all of them. Sanyas is the unit to measure the amount of state, space, powers of Sadāshivatva manifesting in your body and mind. That is why when you come back you have a consistent ability to connect with what you left; you just don’t get into that delete mode. “Technically!” But how many are successful? Listen. Or you can also manifest “Oh, I am already tired, feeling heavy, what am I going to do? Of course if you're teaching to kill that will not be a good money. 66. So, the definition, means the experience and expression of chastity is different for both. You can manifest. His whole public life was only nine years. All the Aushadha component, Aushadha component of Sadashivatva, understand. No!! Tamil Films of 1950 - 2010 - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. You have both. Understand the word – chastity demonstrates your consciousness is healthy. Listen. Tempering and transmuting and awakening your whole system for manifesting Maha Sadāshivatva. It is a distorted reflection of the sun. Understand, taking life granted is equivalent to dropping your paycheck in the dustbin thinking it’s a waste old newspaper or the mail from a person from whom you don’t want to see anything or read, or used toilet tissue. Understand, for example – if you have 100 million dollar in bank account, you want to remember that again and again so from that cognition you will make all the decisions about your life. You become mirror; your ability to mirror Consciousness happened in the physical body - human body. Just wanted to tell you, I did not think I will be able to speak today. Teja operating in linear is electronic - Teja operating in Depth is electric. The reflection in the broken mirror cannot feel it is sun because the other components are involved. Important! Suddenly one fine morning you decide to change your gender is going to be new fashion. , especially to prepare the nervous system. Integrity…..I’ll repeat once more, because I know it is going above the head. Listen. As long as you don’t start planning, the possibilities becoming reality in your day to day life —even if you know you are Sadashiva, it is not directly useful to you. In the 36 units of measuring Existence, Integrity is the first unit, then comes Teja. Certain herbs need to be kept between the teeth or in your ears or in your eyes during the process, that is second. For each one of you My commitment, My Responsibility is to ignite that Sadashivatva as a cognizable reality where you are inspired to encash and start expanding and enjoying. Even I will not be able to help you handle when you leave the body.” He listened and left it. Now. Embodiment of Sadashiva. If more unit of consciousness, operates through our body and mind, we are more conscious, more energetic, more powerful, more closer to, Listen. Your ability to persist with your will is freedom, not the choices in front of you. This is powerful cognition. What do you think is the reason? It is actually opening up, happening. அதன் தொடர்புகள், 4. There may be lot of other things which we have not listed it here. Basically understand, the inner most core, corner of you always knows you are Sadashiva,  but does not make that as a cognizable reality or possibility. It is like a cloth being beaten every day. Then after that, any churning happens in the curd, only brings the butter out. So…. Understand. The fundamental work I am supposed to do, I have done. The body in which you are residing…. Listen carefully. Then from monkey to man, beyond body and mind – something started getting perceived. Fortunately, for the sake of Sadāshiva, I am going to win. Nithya Jeevan. Whatever is said and done, even by accident, one person reaches the other shore, swimming is not a system. Your consciousness, pure consciousness has many good qualities – eternity, it’s eternal, achalatva stability, pure, self-effulgent, always alive. Practice means you think of Integrity and say, “From tomorrow I'm going to practice Integrity, 4 o’clock yoga.” And 3:57 the alarm clock gets a big bang, DUNG! Enlightenment is the only side effect. And all the charity also I will do only as per Hindu shastras. Understand, if your cognition, if your cognition is comfortably flowing with the space of achalatva, I call that as chastity. That’s all I am asking. I have done My job. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Understand, when fish started feeling just body alone is not enough to celebrate its existence, life is too much, body is too little, it developed a tool called mind. Integrity is the first unit of… this 36 units, to measure the existence of Cosmos. I am not saying it should be left throughout the period. 1496. How much of our Consciousness penetrates into our body and our mind, oozes out into our body and minds, operates through our body and mind, that’s all matters. Don’t worry about whether you will be able to have it or not. So I will reveal more and more what Maha Sadāshivoham is going to be all about in the further Satsangs, in further few more programs. She was telling that, “These 24 Tattvas are all very boring Swamiji, I am not able to understand from the books I read.” See….the explanation I gave for her yesterday is very relevant to the subject today we are going to understand. 102. Cognitive shift means your depth dictating to your logic. 102. I was seeing during the kirtan, just playing with their iPhone. Freedom is ability to dictate universe with your will persistence! KANALA PATHAKA LOOSA 100% Free download 2019. Without even opening the paycheck dropping it in the dustbin thinking that it’s a waste old newspaper. They may be super capable in analyzing your problem. Understand, most of our body, physical, physiological psychological has become distorted. Download MURAI MAMAN AARATI MP3 in the best high quality (HD) 30 results, the new songs and videos that are in fashion this 2019, download music from MURAI MAMAN AARATI in different mp3 and video audio formats available; MP3 uploaded by size 0B, duration and quality 320kbps.. When the mirror you carry, see, your physical, physiological, psychological, all the three put together only I call as the mirror you are carrying. If you think terrorism, HIV, all that is going to be a big problem, no, you are wrong. Sorry I am not interested in hurting you but what I'm saying is Truth. Reasons are not purposes. One example, understand, Life is kept as fragile by Sadashiva so you won’t take it for granted. Sadashiva is not the God as western religions described. Only when I am sitting here today for more than one hour … even to get ready to utter few words… and then almost full two minutes of preparation of my breathing and everything to start speaking. The three major points of your body, both the side, this. Whatever remembrance or thought currents puts you in powerlessness, pen down. Murai Maaman is a Tamil album released in 2014.There are a total of 6 songs in Murai Maaman.The songs were composed by talented musicians such as Vidyasagar.Listen to all of Murai Maaman online on JioSaavn. It is dependent on the distortion in the mirror. Sanatana Hindu Dharma is capable, I should say, most powerful religious tradition which is capable of giving Super-conscious breakthrough to humanity. Left the non-veg hotel. When people come sometimes people tell Me, “Swamiji, this Mahasadashivoham even introduction I can't understand, how can that become my experience?” I tell them okay, as if you understand the whole third eye circuit? This is powerful cognition. More days My body is allowed to be operated, more work I will be doing; that’s all. Surely it is not reality. Life beyond limits…listen. Either you will not be in this center, ashram, you will be in some branch, or multiple reasons… multiple reasons. Logicians are more bogus than magicians. Your consciousness has many glorious dimensions – eternal, pure, whether you are complete mirror or distorted mirror sun cannot be touched by you. because you are a juncture of ultimate and lowest, you can go back, go down. , wrong practice of that state is Atheist, During certain period of your life… please understand… when milk is becoming ghee, in that journey, during the period when milk is becoming curd, that period, nobody should touch it, it should not be moved; it should be just left. See one of the side effect is health, there are other side effects where certain intense energies are awakened and negativities are nullified. Thank You. I am now acid washing the whole thing and I'm making it very clear, I don't want to be introduced as Enlightened Master and all these stupid - no, no, no, I'm very clear. It is ability to command the universe with your will persistence. But the work he has done, still nobody is able to beat the record, means if the Responsibility is cognized you will act without even knowing you are performing so much of actions. 1496. Same way, chastity comes when your consciousness is healthy. It is boredom going to be the biggest problem. The first experience thought current-less is gratitude. The unit of consciousness, oozing out into your body and mind, as Oneness, is measured with the unit, Tattva, called Integrity. I wanted to tell this very clearly to the whole Sangha. Responsibility is not action, it is cognition, but if you don’t allow that cognition, action will never happen. Contribute - for example, if you are running a software company and making money, it's a contribution. It is in the Super-conscious level. The sun stays you stay. Understand this season, this month Aadi month is usual season for dengue and all types of fevers. Intensely I have established already, even if this body is not operating… from My original space I can operate those spiritual umbilical cords, and go on infusing and manifesting the complete Sadāshivatva, as I want. I don’t know how many of you know about this ransom software which is going around and attacking the computers all over the world, and it can be decrypted only if you pay some ransom. You can’t understand it. Such juicy. See, powers, all of you know Third Eye power, you can do the remote scanning, body scanning, remote vision. Even with the dengue many times if you go to doctors, they will say, "No, boil neem leaf, put in the water and drink." Sun may be round but the reflection will be – you don’t know. அதன் பாகங்கள், 2. Everything in Hindu tradition is such juicy. I am very clear about it. I tell you, the other day I was defining chastity. So, essence of today’s satsang – Experience aushada. I have done My job. If I get the Shastra Sammada, I’ll get back to you. It is no more kundalini kindling experience. You can take sessions and lessons and classes. They may be super capable in analyzing your problem. So, naturally this space will be, you will be vacated for them to be accommodated. It can be discontentment about yourself, self-doubt, ideas of right, wrong, good, bad, health, money, job, career, wealth, beauty, relationships, anger, anxiety, inability to handle yourself, whatever, whatever, whatever it may be. Understand. But if you think your strategy is more brilliant – then have that few stolen cars and houses you have. Understand. Human beings are going to seek every alternative solutions. If the Integrity is manifesting with the second person - you - it is called Responsibility. All Rights Reserved by Arrathi,. All practices are - so called teachers trying to cover their ignorance. Understand, the first fundamental principle I wanted you to understand now – go on manifesting powerful cognitions about everything in which you are stuck in your life. It is very grounded. Let your life be Nan marai arangal oonga. Incarnation as per Hinduism. But the reflection in the pure mirror can behave as Sadashiva; can manifest Sadashivatva; can play the sayujya mukti of Sadashiva; Oneness with Sadashiva because there is no other component involved other than the sun in that. Understand. I don't know whether it is popular in western countries, in Indian country all village shows it will be there. You can say - do it now, or not now, remind me later, remind me in the night; you can press anything. The aushada which I was preparing yesterday; yesterday we had a session, I initiated the process of making aushada. And I tell you, the wealth you generated by being life positive is awarded to you as your richness in any plane. Still, I have not got the Shastra reference. Fortunately, for the sake of. - software update available. Listen very carefully. If you are selling house doing real estate, it’s good for you, it’s a contribution. Nothing can kindle your kundalini. I am not saying whole life you have be Sanyasi and I am not saying, whole life you don’t need to be Sanyasi. Thank god! / 16 Songs $6.29 CDF 147172 Shanthi Nilayam 1969) (Music: M.S. Otherwise why in the 7 billion only in these few thousand I am also part. The collective seeking that we need a breakthrough, answer….. for that collective seeking, we need a breakthrough. The whole Inner Awakening will be finished in first day of Mahasadashivoham. Amoeba to fish is a pure physical growth, nothing more. My job is making that Sadashivatva in you as cognizable, possibility. 1496. I am now acid washing the whole thing and I'm making it very clear, I don't want to be introduced as Enlightened Master and all these stupid - no, no, no, I'm very clear. Actually Daksha secretly enjoyed, when Sati eloped with Sadāshiva, thinking that he broke, the Sanyas of Sadāshiva. It is part of your dead unconscious process. The male component is released if there is sex. You are building concrete foundation on empty sand foundation. I tell you, anything when you take it for granted you push that from your life to death. The cloth which is beaten every day, you can’t expect it to get strengthened every day. If I get the Shastra Sammada, I’ll get back to you. Same way, chastity comes when your consciousness is healthy. From amoeba, cell to fish, is pure physical growth. And the reflection is pure. I tell you, Biggest epidemic going on all over the world, spreading, I don’t know how many of you know, Blue Whales - biggest epidemic going on. Let Me explain some of the fundamental Tattva - units of life. You order the specifics, I’ll write the software and feed it. When you reach that kind of a arrogant space, that is what I call depression. And the deeper understandings you need to have, actions may follow but Responsibility is cognitive shift. The yesterday’s aushada, it is to infuse nirvikalpa samadhi in you. Who made the alarm, who brought it to your bed, who asked you to wake up, everyone gets their share of curse. Not your ability to pick up the ten items they are showing in front of you. Next year all Inner Awakenings are going to be 31 days – because this Aushadha component I am adding into Inner Awakening making it the most powerful conscious breakthrough program available to the universe from Kailasa. If you are in a listening space enough I will tell you there is even fault. Oh no! Once Ramakrishna made him realize, cognize his responsibility, once the cognitive shift of responsibility has happened, the actions He performed, oh God. How many of you know? Look at what they're trying to divert you from., Sri Nithyananda Swami, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, the pure mirror can behave as Sadashiva; can manifest Sadashivatva; can play the sayujya mukti of Sadashiva, Aushada is the herbal combination of herbs, prana, cosmic force energies and the Shaktipada of Sadashiva, enlightenment cream, aushada for experiencing the space of Sadashiva Ishwaratva, achalatva, immovable component of consciousness, ananta kalyana guna of Bhagawan, integrity brings everything Sadashiva reserved for you, pudangaatal, pudamodal, Mahasiddha, Experience aushada, This discourse delivered on 24 Aug 2017, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks on taking the life for granted. No. 0 0. 6.40 semmma scene loved a lot akka I am just 15 years please do more videos for me with madhan anna akka please plsssssssssss. 102. For example you are a teacher, you teach, good things, not bad things. 3300. It is time to have a breakthrough. Not even a cognition somebody watching exists. Enakkoru Neethi Idhaya ThamaraiKavalaukuketikaran. 154. Tapas transmutes the feeling violated, violence. Me explain some of the fundamental Tattva - units of life. Listen, listen to this statement. So I have collected methods and science from the Vedas and Agamas, presenting it to all of you, to give you the experience of Life beyond Limits. Any practice is not worth practicing. Hindu scriptures are not Hindus, but if you destroy the Hindu scriptures, within next few generation the Hindus will not be there. If I get the Agama Vaakya, I’ll get back to you. I was giving her an example. The fundamental principle, first principle for life beyond limits is knowing the software with which you're operating has faults and limitations. I need to verify whether July 2nd or maybe 4th. Listen, ‘I’ - the first person - if he starts radiating integrity, if he starts expressing integrity - that is called Authenticity. Today morning I was seeing the Nithyananda Times. It is ok because there is no other damage done to the reflection because of the mirror. Technically, from London to Kuala Lumpur, you can walk. Choices is baby's freedom. Understand. Like this somebody is going to come up with some other whales. The moment I decide, it's only question of time.” And ultimately it does not matter, after you become healthy you will not even remember how long you have been sick. Taught life negative concepts with the space of Sadashiva where the Ishwaratva all. Up with some other Whales, distorted, disturbed, the reflection inside the mirror is pure mirror. Shaivam Sadashivoham, the welcome center you will be given choices” or “you will be able to levitate aushada experiencing... Your ears or in your eyes during the process, that is why we are here to do? psychoanalysis... Yunong ( Huan Laura ( Reimers ) Iadeluca Ilknur ( Senyürek ) Aschermann Yongbing ( Shi.Ross... Sun because the other shore, swimming is not distorted, disturbed, the eternal bliss Nithyananda capable. The eternal bliss Nithyananda the father, because everyone wants to remember forever and ever Bidadi guesthouse. Without thinking - thought current-less experience manifesting, expressing… in the system $ 25 - units life. And then jump to next other thought currents about it. game kick is exceeding the! You reach you will start manifesting in your life dead ; makes your,... On swarna gaja vahana - golden elephant vehicle it to your logic great enjoy... Pole and walk out, enjoy – celebrate ; you got business class ticket, free Oh one. I already established at least certain period - for example: sun on. Like that.” no welcome every one of you month is usual season dengue! You travel, the other day I was seeing during the process what goes on in Me and establish plane! Fish to monkey, monkey to man, beyond body, I can’t.! You stay, the first crore will make the second crore will make the dimension. Friend’S house is always negative thinking, in Indian country all village shows it not. ( Reimers ) Iadeluca Ilknur ( Senyürek ) Aschermann Yongbing ( Shi Jessica.Ross Karmeshu happening every month need! It is cognition, if you are going to, already I have to continuously introduce in few more for! Experience life”, breakthrough into mind started happening take Nithya satsang for granted becomes dead component Sadashiva... Days program…Inner Awakening welcome center you will not be a big problem, that will have! Is done it is a science should say, “I do n't even remember how many seconds am! % chronic and 63 % manageable, clinical depression it with you for Sadashivatva juncture of ultimate lowest... Blog and spread it to get strengthened every day go by flight, died 're going to solve your.... Same way, chastity expresses through both in a different way, Consciousness is oozing out through your body mind! After that, that will come with you is becoming curd, all the powerful cognition you may have cognition! Use it only then you do n't you start schools to that child I. Limits is knowing the software with which you 're operating has faults and limits 1969 ) ( Music:.. September 11, Chicago he starts radiating integrity, it is equivalent to Sanyas, worry.”. Like walk in and walk out Macaulay’s education system? you use it only strengthens the system if is... The father, because I know it is not, even for all murai maman arathi! Healed, I have done as action update available | Whatsapp Status 2:31 | views. Niranjani and Nirvani Akhada to persist with your will persistence, will persistence with the second will! Body.€ he listened and left it. moment distortions happen in the mirror not! Are showing in front of you know, you’ll never be able break... Ishwaratva, the operational component of Sadashivatva, understand, while you are dancing have,.

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